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Posted by:admin onApril 27, 2015

The market being flooded with elaborate ranges and options of products is a boon but also has it’s share of troubles. There is a general statement which we have always come across that says law breaking rules are concentrated on rather than law itself in our country which we can see in this sector as well where pirates are always ready with new tricks to promote brand piracy.

The number of product and service options available for us are less than the fake products and services of same brands available in the market to which we become victims due lack of awareness. Also, there is a major problem with people today that they are not ready to give time to anything and the same follows when they buy products where they do not carefully see the trade mark or packaging or quality of packaging of the product and just buy it in hurry.

This gives a chance to the pirates to win against us and we land up with the fake product but this does not end here as further we do not even file a complaint on fake products which motivate the pirates to continue such nuisance and we become the ultimate sufferer due to our own mistakes.

People on the basis of education can be categorized into two sections that is literate and illiterate. The illiterate is a section which fail in fighting for their rights because they do not have knowledge about laws and how it works when their rights are violated but the literate section fail to fight up for their rights due to ignorance and lack of awareness as they see it as a strenuous task.

To stand up for one’s right is difficult but if ignored we will never be able to live a peaceful life. The right tool should be used in order to protect our rights and in this case of brand piracy no help can be great than the one offered by the on-line portals which ensures all the intellectual property rights compliance and help people to stand up for their rights.

Though there are many on-line platforms out but one is always confused when trusting and selecting one for which one can easily rely on Brands and Fakes as it is a well equipped portal that eases one’s tension and provide all kinds of solutions relating to intellectual property rights, right from filing a complaint to investigations for intellectual property rights which is actually tedious.

Thus ignorance is a road with dead end which should be avoided before it takes a toll on us and we should come together taking small steps toward removing brand piracy from grass root level.


    shubham jain

    In today’s era online portals are more important for enforcement of laws. like it is also a online platform provide services in several IPR matters like copyrights, trademarks, patents and many more service by online and use modern technology to help their clients.

    priyal jain

    A Web portal is a specially designed website that brings information from diverse sources, like emails, online forums and search engines, together in a uniform way. A portal may use a search engine’s application programming interface (API) to permit users to search intranet content as opposed to extranet content by restricting which domains may be searched. web portals may offer other services such as e-mail, news, stock quotes, information from databases and even entertainment content.

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