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Monthly Archives: November 2016

Dynamic QR codes for fighting the Counterfeits

Posted by:admin

For a comprehensive plan against anti-counterfeiting & brand protection, dynamic QR codes provide a very effective solution, which is very easy to implement, is robust and an optimum solution. The application works on providing a unique code to each individual unit of the product in the form of QR (Quick Response) code. These codes are…

Planning the Court Proceedings in Criminal IP Enforcement Actions

Posted by:admin

Many brand owners and IP enforcement agencies have been registering criminal cases against the violators across India with a very short term objective of pushing the sales in a particular territory or achieving some numbers of seizures values, for staying relevant within the organization. There is no serious planning for getting the registered criminal cases…

Measuring Effectiveness of Brand Protection Spend

Posted by:admin

Many brands in India have been measuring the effectiveness of the brand protection spends by way of the seizure value of the good in criminal/civil actions. While it may be a good idea to get some objectivity in the internal brand protection teams of brands owners, but their actual effect on the market scenario may…

Using CSR budget for Brand Protection

Posted by:admin

Managing budget for brand protection activities have always been an issue for most of the brand owners. Generally, brand owners have specific budgets earmarked for brand protection, which is either a part of the legal budget or part of the brand promotion budget. While it makes sense to have the brand protection budget as a…

My Caring Brands

Brands and Fakes has aligned the capabilities of the service delivery eco system with the industry verticals, so that the Brands under various industry verticals and sub verticals are able to get services from expertise in their specific domains.