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FitCounter is an integrated online application for information capture, validations, investigations and action management for IP violations. The application allows seamless flow of information, data capture and collaborative operations, cutting across all 7 stages of the enforcement actions.

FitCounter offers the industry best practices and technology enabled processes for efficient & effective information & action management for all brand protection activities.

It offers transparency & controls in the compete process, right from the basic information capture to post action activities. The platform also offers flexibility for brand owners to manage the complete process from a single mobile/ web interface and makes sure that all ground activities/ events are properly coordinated, logged & comprehensively followed by the services eco system. The platform also uses the power of social media &various mobile applications, to facilitate the information management across all online & offline channels.

The FitCounter application allows whole new stream of actors to significantly enhance & contribute to various processes of the IP infringement management. In addition to traditional service providers like IP information network, IP investigators, IP Researchers, enforcement action experts, the platform allows new actors ( like social activists, NGO’s, consumers, personnel from former services background) to capture violations, become TPA’s ( third party experts) for validations & action monitoring.

Each service provider/ users of the FitCounter application has single interface and a customized dashboard to enable track his work & progress of the case, depending on his user rights and requirements of the brand owner.


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Brands and Fakes has aligned the capabilities of the service delivery eco system with the industry verticals, so that the Brands under various industry verticals and sub verticals are able to get services from expertise in their specific domains.