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July 12, 2017 0

Brand Protection in difficult times

Posted by:admin onJuly 12, 2017


Brand protection activities and investments have been affected by the business scenario which the organization faces both internally and externally. Generally, it has been observed that investments into brand protection are substantially reduced with the drop in sales and external uncertainties. In the recent past in India, we have seen disruptions in business, because of GST and also Demonetization, resulting in brand owners not to take brand protection activities.

Something, which is amazing is that, the major impact of brand protection activities which is the immediate positive impact on sales & revenue is totally missed out in difficult times. It is common sense that when generally business is tough and standard ways to increase the revenue are hitting some hurdles; the lowest hanging fruit is to plug the leakages, which are caused by the counterfeit activities.

So, the best time to actually invest in anti-counterfeit activities is when the times are tough. These activities have tendency to give immediate positive output at much lower cost, than, any other method to increase the revenue.

But, then why is this done exactly the opposite? A critical examination of the actual ground situation leads to following factors a) the brand protection activities are not considered as strategic and are more looked as an expense than investment. b) The teams managing these activities are not the ones which drive business. c) The lack of transparency & measurement of output.

The technology supported platform not only offers the best practices but also involves all stake holders. It offers best ROI and helps brand owners to get best benefits even in difficult times. img src=”” alt=”index” width=”240″ height=”169″ class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-4400″ />

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