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Monthly Archives: February 2016

Trademark vs. Copyright Protection

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Trademark vs. Copyright Protection Intellectual properties of a company cannot be used by others without prior permission; copyright and trademark registration helps you prevent violation of your intellectual property rights. But it is important to understand the basic difference between trademark and copyright; given below. TRADEMARK A trademark helps a customer to identify a brand…

Protecting a brand beyond the IP laws

Posted by:admin

Many times brand protection and IP protections are looked at the two sides of the same coin. While IP protection under the IP laws, looks at various aspects of trademarks, copyrights, patents, geographical indicators, designs etc, but for a comprehensive brand protection, the need is to additionally look at all those areas which affect the…

Right Brand Protection Budget?

Posted by:admin

Organizations across the world have been fighting the menace of counterfeits and its impact on the revenue and brand value in a particular market for years now. The issues related to availability of counterfeits or violations to intellectual property actually continue to rise in many markets like India. Many of the reasons for this continued…

Managing Counterfeits at Indian Shores

Posted by:admin

International trade in India is not only affecting the country economy, the balance of payment situation, and the forex reserves but is also affecting financials of various corporates by compromises to their intellectual property. On one hand, in case of imports of goods, there are processes for protecting IP of brand owners at Indian customs…

Online IP information dissemination A key element to IP Protection

Posted by:admin

The IP enforcement actions across regions have multiple actors and multiple channels, making the complete service delivery chain a complex and opaque process for the brand owners. There are actors like informers, investigators, enforcement agents, government enforcement agencies, lawyers etc, which together work on a particular infringement case, to take it to a logical conclusion….

Smarter Communication for effective Brand Protection

Posted by:admin

Communication plays a very vital role in marketing and brand building activities for any brand. Over the years, the type of communications and the channels of communications have also evolved. Digital & social channels today offer very targeted communications, even for brands which were largely using ATL tools for promotions and mass connect. With the…

Contract manufacturing integrity and IP Protection

Posted by:admin

Many enforcement actions across the country have revealed that there is direct link of contract manufacturing integrity to availability of counterfeits and other violations to intellectual property of the brand owners. In today’s scenario brand owners are using contract manufacturing, sub contracting of manufacturing processes, leasing, giving agencies etc to drive growth, enter new markets,…

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