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Misleading Communications & Campaigns by Competition

Competition may carry out a false and misleading propaganda either for his own product or that of its competition, with a view to give wrong information to the consumers. These communications are of greater significance especially in age of internet and social media/ social networks, as these are easily propagated with many times, no back trace also. Awareness on how to protect intellectual property rights is important for the brand owners so that their brand does not get exploit.

The need is to effectively keep track of such communications/ campaigns and act effectively for business continuity. The following types of risks are covered by brands & fakes in this area

1.  False propaganda on product benefits & effects including that in social media
2.   Misuse of intellectual property content
3.   Wrong citations

My Caring Brands

Brands and Fakes has aligned the capabilities of the service delivery eco system with the industry verticals, so that the Brands under various industry verticals and sub verticals are able to get services from expertise in their specific domains.