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Electronic Intelligent Turn Signal Control System – Patent Infringed

Posted by:admin onNovember 28, 2014

A patent held by an American Mr Richard Ponzianian for “Intelligent turn signal control system”, where a “three-blink” lane change signal is activated automatically as an when the vehicle changes from one lane to the other and automatically turns off after three blinks have occurred. This invention has been significant as it automatically turns off the turn signal after changing lanes and the driver has not to turn off the signal.

Mr Ponzianian has filed a suite against American automotive giant FORD MOTOR Co for infringements of his patent on the automatic signal turn technology. The law suite is filed in the District Court in Delaware, USA.

This complaint s significant on the backdrop of the allegations, in which the inventor has alleged that he had a presentation of his work and technology to the executives of the company and they at the first place declined to take and get the license for this technology.

Mr Ponzianian has also made TRW Automotive as a party to this law suite as this company supplies the steering columns control to Ford and they have been involved in manufacture of the the infringed turn signals.

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