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Posted By Sarthak on 16 Nov 2017

Once a product is manufactured, it is launched in the market through an advertisement. Advertisement is a tool used by business houses to promote the products manufactured by them. Building a business is hard work, whether it is manufacturing or distributing or delivering, one relies upon the reputation to attract new customers and grow the business further.


The business needs to protect its brand in the same fashion as it protects its valuable assets. Failure to do so may reduce the value of the brand, and could harm the reputation of the business. Brand protection helps a business to ensure that no other individual manufacturing a similar product uses the reputation of its brand, if a business fails to protect the brand then other competitors may advertise their own service by using its brand reputation.


While there is some protection through the law of 'passing off' and through consumer law, the most effective form of brand protection is through trade mark registration. A trade mark is a sign used to distinguish one person’s goods or services from those of others. Registering a trade mark provides you with a legally enforceable right to stop other traders using your trade mark to advertise similar goods or services without authorisation.


A company must hire agencies, that keep an eye for the possible infringer of the mark. These agencies are known as Brand Protection Agency, their main role is to provide service of protection of Brand of a company.


Brand & Fakes has a team of great Intellectual Property Researchers, Investigators and they also have tie-ups with top law officies. Please feel free to contact Brands & Fakes at +91-11-41556670, FF – 24, First Floor, Omaxe Square, Jasola Dist. Centre, New Delhi – 110044, India.

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