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Valuation of counterfeit imports at Indian Customs

Posted By Admin on 10 Feb 2017

One of the critical issues generally encountered with the enforcements associated with the counterfeit imports at level of Indian customs is the value of goods.

Once the brand is registered with the custom authorities and a situation comes that a counterfeit consignment has been identified and needs to be acted against. The critical issues that arise are- how do custom authorities value these good. Is it the declared price? The declared price is generally quite low to evade custom duty or MRP of the good as being sold in the Indian market or the distribution price of the goods to the channel partners by the brand owner or the cost of genuine good as being imported by the brand owner himself or any other genuine imports of the same good.

Since many times, guarantees need to be provided by the registered brand owners, to custom authorities, it is important that the costs of the imports are established correctly and in accordance with the law and the custom manuals.

While there are guidelines in the custom manuals, which generally need to be followed, but many times, these are matters of discussions and convictions, which need to be agreed between the parties concerned. It is even more difficult on wake of the facts that establishing of the goods are not parallel but counterfeit imports are themselves a great challenge and to add the valuation issue is on top of that.

These decisions are generally taken at a reasonably senior level and the need is to always work with the right decision makers. has created an ecosystem, a mechanism to effectively deal with the custom authorities, impart training & ensure compliances with the custom rules, and  work for the best interest of the brand owners.


    priyal jain

    brands and fakes is dealing effectively with the custom authorities, impart training and ensure compliances with the custom rules.

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