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Posted By HIMANI on 01 July 2019

Identification of Tank Road in Delhi by the US as one of the most famous markets selling counterfeit products in the world and proposed India to undergo enforcement action.

The US' prominent Markets has highlighted 33 online and 25 physical markets that engage in and facilitate copyright piracy and trademark counterfeiting.

Tank Road remains on the List in 2018. Stakeholders confirm that it remains a market selling counterfeit product, including apparel and footwear, USTR said in a report on notorious markets list.

Tank road wholesalers supply to other Indian markets such as Gaffar market and Ajmal Khan Road.

These wholesalers are operating freely in the market and has built an established business over many years USTR said.

The USTR has urged India to take sustained action at the Tank road in Karol Bagh, previously listed market, and other many non-listed markets.

This activity harms the American Economy by undermining the innovation and intellectual property rights of US IP owners in foreign markets. An estimated half a trillion dollars worth, of global imports are counterfeit and pirated products. It said.

The list basically highlights free trade zones and role they may play in facilitating trade in counterfeit and pirated goods.

According to the report, China remains the primary source of counterfeit products.

China accounted for 78 percent of the value and 87 percent of the seizures by the US customs and borders protection CBP in 2017.

The Chinese market listed in notorious list are huaqlangbei electronics market and luohu commercial city in Shenzhen at Guangdong province.

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