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Technology disruptions for brand protection

Posted By Admin on 05 Sep 2017

There are host of technology interventions which are likely to disrupt the brand protection space and make the fight against counterfeits a real effective fight.

On the IP protection & legal side, there are tools being developed using AI & ML, to intelligently read the journals and suggest/undertake the possible remedies & actions. In the online space, there are tools which use image recognition, big data, various other logics (like price variations etc) to identify possible counterfeits & look- alike products.

While some of these tools assist the human intervention but others can possibly replace many human interventions and bring in efficiency at a much lower costs. There could be a possible scenario where process automation and tools can change the dynamics of the IP protection.   

On the social side, we see a clear disruption, which can be brought out by bringing in accountability in the trade channels by way of social interventions and online shaming of the involved personnel & entities. This is long a process but already starting to happen. The cascading impact of this is expected to be very quick. Social media and activism on the social channels are very big drivers for these social disruptions. online platform uses many such tools and interventions to bring efficiency and controls for an effective drive against counterfeits.


    shubham jain

    Trademark counterfeiting is always considered infringement and is a common type of trademark infringement. However, not all infringements qualify as counterfeits. A counterfeit trademark includes marks that are largely identical to the real mark. Infringements include marks that are similar but not identical to the genuine mark. A similar mark is more likely to qualify as an infringement than as counterfeiting.

    priyal jain

    Counterfeiting, piracy and IP infringement have assumed epidemic proportions, largely due to technological advances and globalisation.
    In 2013 and the first quarter of 2014, social media was the spear-head technology for many conversations in the Board room, within the C-suite, and among analysts. This is because brand reputation and intellectual property are at high risk with social media, making brand protection critical.

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