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Online Platform: A New Approach To Fight Against Fake Product

Posted By Admin on 03 Sep 2016

A consumer has unlimited options today for all kinds of products as the market is flooded with varieties of brands unlike the earlier times where people had no choices of brands and had to stick to the available brand which may or may not suit them. The market now is very competitive as compared to the earlier times and this evident through comparative advertisement that was not present earlier. Producer pay a lot of money and make a lot of effort constantly in order to make their product look the best.

With good things, this era has also brought a flaw which is brand piracy. The more the brands the more the pirates get the chance to fool around with people. People are so busy they just buy the product without even taking a closer look at it and properly reading what is written. This results in falling as a victim of brand piracy and they are landed with fake products to which some crib about and few ignore these incidents which further prove that the brand pirates became successful in cheating the consumers.

As we know that prevention is better than cure but if not taken it can led to disaster. The cure is always a waste of time and energy and in earlier times the concept of piracy was not so evident in fact the concept of intellectual property law was not that evolved where one can understand the violation of rights. The solution to intellectual property rights violation has also changed with time. It was way more tedious and time consuming than its now. Previously because of the lack of awareness it took time for quick and easy solutions to come up. Court and lawyers were the only way out. There was no one to help in between who would explain them what is right and what is wrong and made the cure process little easy.

In the present scenario where everything is about Internet and easy accessibility then.why not for such problems? Fast and easy options are available for these problems as well but due to our lack of knowledge we do not approach them. These not only help us in providing solution but also help us in fighting against duplicate products which results in piracy free market.

The next point which comes in is how to find such on-line help. These on-line help provide us a platform where all these problems are dealt with and where we can initiate our fight against fake products. This can be done when we file complaints regarding such fake products. The other thing that might crop up in your mind is that which on-line portal provides with best services because there is always an apprehension when we have to invest our money an time. One such reliable platform is Brands and Fakes which not only takes care of all the problems but also help us in removing brand piracy from our society.

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