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ML and image mapping for identifying online counterfeits

Posted By Admin on 21 Feb 2018

In this arena of machine learning and artificial intelligence, one of the most common problems of online counterfeits can also be addressed to a reasonable extent. There are advance algorithms which can help identify counterfeits by a mix of certain standard parameters like price, nomenclature, phonetics, product information etc and use of photo images & frames to distinguish between a counterfeit & genuine product.

With brand owners willingness to continuously update various information/ parameters/ [product images etc, and certain discipline at the web commerce platforms, it is certain that with a reasonable amount of certainty, the counterfeits/ lookalike products and other violations can be very effectively identified.

Once identified there are various remedies which are available starting with takedowns, blacklisting of organizations & individuals, penalizing them and above all legal options of criminal or civil suit.

This methods not only work for e commerce platforms but also for social channels like FB, Instagram etc, which are being increasingly used for selling counterfeit products online. platform along with it’s associates have built this platform, which can be readily used by brand owners & web commerce players not only for identifications of the counterfeits online but also take conclusive activities to get a relief from such violations.

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