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Is Brand Protection a GRC Issue

Posted By Admin on 17 April 2017

In the last few years GRC (governance, risk and compliance) has been in the forefront for most of the organizations. While larger organizations are fairly matured in their GRC journey, the SMB’s now are undertaking GRC initiatives very seriously. GRC manages both the internal & external risks and build effective methodologies/ processes for risk mitigation & proper compliance. The risks covered by GRC far exceed the financial & information security risks and cover host of areas which affect the organization in entirety.

Unfortunately the issues related to brand protection which has multiple effects on the organization, have still not found the way in the GRC journey of any organizations. The CRO (chief risk officers) of most organizations still don’t see these in their KRA.

The result of all this is that the issues & activities related to brand protection are still not considered strategic to organizational growth and business continuity.

The need today is not only to broad-base the brand protection from a pure legal driven approach to a holistic approach but also include these as a major component in the GRC framework with clear deliverable and measurements of overall improvements from current to the desired state.

The IT driven approach followed by for a comprehensive 3  Tier brand protection generates enough data and processes, which can easily dovetail into the GRC framework for contours monitoring and effective management.

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