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Indian IP Environment Still In Grey Area

Posted By Admin on 09 June 2016

The US Trade Representative (USTR) in its ‘Out-of-Cycle Review of Notorious Markets’ report released on Thursday said that India has not taken any meaningful action against notorious markets where counterfeit products are openly sold.

The report alleged that numerous markets in India have appeared in past lists, with no identified meaningful, effective response by the Indian government. India ranking second last in the third edition of the annual international IP index brought out by the US Chamber of Commerce’s Global Intellectual Property Center (GIPC) has arisen a growing feeling of victimization in India.

Meir Pugatch, author of GIPC IP Index, who specializes in intellectual property policy, explained that the index as a tool is not focusing or victimizing India rather it is trying to encourage India to take sustained and coordinated enforcement action to strengthen its IP environment.

India does have a tough Copyright Act in place but its implementation is a much bigger problem. Indicators like the GIPC index and the USTR report reveal a gap in the context of discussion on the future of Intellectual Property regime in India and create a debate as to where India’s intellectual property environment needs to go.


    priyal jain

    india is believed to have an incredible potential to become one of the world’s leading markets and hub for the innovation, research and development. Intellectual property industry is assessed to have a huge growth potential in the current Indian and Global context. Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) unarguably are emerging as a strategic business tool for any business organization to enhance its competitiveness.

    shubham jain

    in india IPR law doesn’t get importance as other law people dont take it seriously.

    hs gaurav

    Please tell me what are the grey areas of ipr

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