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Fighting Piracy In A Technological Era With Internet As The Perfect Tool

Posted By Admin on 03 Sep 2016

Intellectual property law in India is a flourishing yet neglected and not so popular in comparison to other areas. Intellectual property law is interesting as it consists of branches which govern our rights giving us options to take help from these as per our requirement like patents for invention, copyright for literary and dramatic work, trademark for graphical representation of the mark, design for unique design, trade secrets for confidential information providing economic benefit, biodiversity etc.

The problem lies when varieties of branches are there to help and it goes in vain when these do not benefit people and this is not because of the loop holes in the branches but it is actually because of lack of responsibility on the part of the consumers that is the common people as they are unaware of this aspect of law which is intangible in nature but is one of the important form.

Among all the types the highly interactive form with the common people is trademark as it in direct touch with people and these trademark rights are generally being violated to which some people see and try to take an action, some people see and get aggressive but do not come up with any solution, some people see it and simply ignore. This ignorance acts as pat on the back of the pirates and make them think that they have succeeded in their plan. People because of lack of knowledge do not know where to go to file these complaints reason why intellectual property right violation in India is so common and easy for the pirates.

India is divided in two parts literate and illiterate. We can not expect much from the illiterate lot as they are not educated but the literate lot can and should make a difference in society by doing their bit against the intellectual property law violations by complaining about the same. This help us in fighting back and give answers to piracy.

The one thing that scare people off is the slow motion justification system which is not only tedious but also waste of time and energy. This is technological era and when everything moves faster then why not this. So, the good news is that there are many on-line portals which are present to help us out, where any kind of complaint regarding the intellectual property violations can be given. Also, if having any information on fake products can be given there to fight against piracy.

Though it is not difficult to find one such site on the Internet but it is very difficult to choose the best among them which will not exploit the consumer further and will provide quick solutions with full information so that the consumer do not feel cheated at the end. One such on-line platform which has maintained their reputation through their excellent work record is Brands and Fakes which not only provide full assistance but also try to give best to the customers by giving back their violated right which help us meaning the literate lot to fight back piracy in this technological era.

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