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Does self-authentication help in controlling counterfeiting?

Posted By Admin on 03 Aug 2017


There are host of technological solutions used by various brands for authentication by the consumers or the trade channels. Things like holograms, barcodes, 3D packaging/ markings, unique masked codes,  Dynamic QR codes, Smart DNA etc have been used by various manufacturers to provide a mechanism to check the authenticity of the products. But does it really help in managing counterfeiting?

While many of these technology solutions actually don’t help at all but few of them which have been gaining stream now like Dynamic QR codes or  smart DNA, the have shown some benefit in the recent past but they by themselves are not enough. The counterfeiters are actually becoming smarter and something very interesting came up, which is, when the codes were getting scanned by the users it actually lead the users to a false database ( not hosted by the brand) and actually authenticated it.

So none of these technologies solutions is fully foolproof and needs to be implemented with lot of other measures. The other challenges associated with these technology solutions are also in consumer education, which itself is a big subject.

What we have seen now is that many of these self-authentication solutions are actually not being positioned as anti-counterfeit solutions but as solutions for marketing and customer engagement, which indirectly needs to be used at anti counterfeit solution.  These solutions needs to be supported by actual ground activities for effective actions and engagements in physical & online world.

Services offered by online platform  looks at all measures for proactive protection, authentication, communication, engagement and enforcements.


    priyal jain

    yes it will definitely help for brand names to protect themselves from the couterfeiting. now the QR codes they are now shown their importance in self authenticaation.

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