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Dealing With Hardened Counterfeiters

Posted By Rahul on 23 Jan 2019

It is a known fact that people who get into a habit of doing counterfeiting, generally don’t give up so easily. In India, this is primarily true because of the attitude of law enforcement agencies, the misuse of the provisions of the statutes by the culprits (& their lawyers) and no push by the brand owners to follow-up cases to ensure prosecution. Many times, because of these issues the tendency to do counterfeiting increases with time and a nexus is created between the enforcement organizations & the culprits. Sometimes, even the internal teams of the brand owners are also compromised to be a part of the overall malicious design.

Dealing with such situations and the hardened criminals who counterfeit is a tricky affair. A stage wise approach needs to be adopted to nail such culprits and it would call for a targeted planning by the brand internal teams and their service providers. Both the civil and criminal provisions of the law need to be worked out to deal with such people and the efforts need to be taken to a logical conclusion step by step. The need is to keep the offensive for a prolonged period of time and not to allow any maneuverability to such criminals.

Orders from the courts on the individuals, their family members, the organizations coupled with civil & criminal raid & seizures and effective follow up on criminal cases are just few things. Involving the local industry associations, the local press and also local social groups, can also add pressure on these people to fall in-line.

The  platform and the eco system of legal & non-legal professionals, media, social groups etc. provide a perfect solution to brand owners to deal with such offenders very effectively.

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