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Compliance Led Brand Protection

Posted By Admin on 07 June 2017

The legal driven brand protection taken by brand owners has been relying on enforcement actions and filing very costly civil suits. Brand owners today are trying to engage the violators in a non-legal way and using various techniques for getting compliance from the violators.

Direct engagement & communication coupled with counselling & motivating the violators (and the Eco-system players) have been yielding extremely good results. The role of social groups, market associations and other influencers coupled with full proof evidences, are very innovatively used to directly confront the violators and get compliance.

These actions are very cost effective and are considered to be positive actions. Many times such actions also help to increase the reach of genuine products and directly contribute to increase in the top line, which is measurable.

In case of counterfeit actions, where the convictions have been minimal, such actions strengthen the hands of brand owners to continuously keep a pressure on the violating entity for not to go back and restart the violations.

So compliance-led brand is very innovatively used by the technology platform player in the 3-tier brand protection model.

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