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BIS compliances and brand protection

Posted By Admin on 09 July 2019

Violations to the provision of the BIS standards (misuse of ISI marks) have been rampant across products. There are manufacturers which put the ISI mark or claim compliance to the BIS standards, even when they don’t have the necessary registrations (CML number) or don’t comply with the standards as specified by IS standard.

To add to the seriousness of the issue is that, most of the products in the mandatory list for ISI mark are violated the most. These include the items like packaged drinking water, electrical products, cement etc. Consumers continue to suffer with the loss of their money and serious issues at their health but the problem seems to be never ending.

The BIS act have been in existing for over Two years now, but there is hardly any significant impact it has made. There is a lack of knowledge on the provisions of the act and also the penal provisions of the act is also not very stringent. Other provisions of the IPC like that of cheating, consumer health, etc are hardly applied resulting in lesser impact and continued problems.

Brands meeting the standards of ISI tend to lose out big time along with the consumers for these noncompliance and rampant violations. But the good news is the ecosystem of social groups, professionals, lawyers, etc associated at comprehensively help to fight these violations for the benefit of brands in managing unfair competition and also the cause of consumers at large.

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