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Awareness: The Key To The Right Of Intellectual Property

Posted By Admin on 01 Dec 2016

There is a recent change which has been seen in our nation toward intellectual property rights. It seems that people have started acknowledging and giving importance to these rights equally like other rights. This is because of awareness that has been slowly increasing about these rights but they do not know this in deep and thus wrong steps while fighting for their rights.

Generally people are not at all aware of the new age tools to solve their intellectual property related issues because of which they move toward tedious and time taking procedures of court which rarely proves to be helpful. The question which further arises is that how can people save themselves from these issues? The only answer is awareness as it is the most effective way by which everyone can get a real insight on intellectual property rights.

Intellectual property rights violations in India are many and people fail to realize it in the first place because of lack of knowledge which will help them to categorize and analyze their rights. Generally there is a perception that is attached with these rights which is that it can be possessed by those who either are inventor or creator of something which new or literary, dramatic, musical etc. This preconceived notion can be done away with only when everybody is made realize their rights in proper manner.

People so deal with intellectual property rights on daily basis and often these rights also get infringed but they do not notice it. These rights comes into play when consumers buy products and services from the market and choose particular brand over others. These rights are infringed when people get fake products as the goods are deceptive similar to the original brand. Today consumers are much more concerned about their rights but they fail to report fake products which in turn has given rise to piracy in recent times. Half of the time people are least interested in reporting and half of the time its the traditional ways of fighting up for these rights hold back the consumers to complain and report these incidents.

If people would have know the correct and modern approach toward such problem then they would not be suffering like this. The most easy way out for these problems are on-line portals which not just register such complaint but also help the consumer to get justice in a short span of time with all the required help that will help in solving these issues fast with reasonable cost.

The most expensive part in fighting against duplicate products are the investigation which is required for making a case strong by supporting evidences so that the consumer can have an upper hand. It is definitely not easy to find intellectual property detectives for such investigations but these on-line platforms help in providing such services as well. Though, it is difficult to find such services which are both reliable and reasonable but there are platforms which can have both of these features and one such reliable on-line portal is Brands and Fakes. It helps in filing of complaints to investigation and everything.

Awareness is required not only to realize one’s right but also choose correct way to fight and stand up for it. This is not a process which can happen at one go but yes slowly and steadily it can widen up which in turn will provide us with piracy free society.


    shubham jain

    IPR awareness workshop will be organised time to time by the online platform initiative free of cost.

    priyal jain

    to protecting comapnies IP from third party infringement, startups should be aware of others’ IP rights to ensure that someone else’s rights will not limit them or prevent them from operating their business. There have been various cases where prominent brand names or logos have been infringed and the courts have passed restraining orders or injunctions in relation to the infringements.
    brands and fakes helps to protect your logos from counterfeits.

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