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Avoiding Brand Dilution

Posted By Rahul on 01 Nov 2018

Many Indian brands have traditionally not been very active in securing their intellectual property – the brand names, tag line, Logo, packaging etc. This is generally a result of a poor advice or just a case of saving little money in TM prosecution work initially.

In both these scenarios, this results in very expensive processes of rectifications, litigations etc and many times leads to a dilution of the brand itself.

This is also a fact that traditionally, Indian entrepreneurs have never given a huge focus on building global brands and this has been hampering the growth of Indian products and economy in general. The lack of exports is also a result of Indians not building global brands. It is also seen that many listed companies, which get investment from public and financial institutions, have no parameters on compliances ( & reporting) related to their biggest financial asset which is the brand.

It is high time that brands start focusing on building, securing and protecting their brands & IP and earmark a decent budget out the overall brand promotion budget for brand protection.

The knowledge and action platform of  has built online and offline tools & processes for securing and protecting brands in the TM prosecution work. There are many software supported automations, which have provided huge commercial and compliance related benefits to brand owners.

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