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Posted By Sarthak on 14 Dec 2017

The Times Now network has filed a copyright infringement case against its former employee Arnab Goswami and his new channel Republic TV. The suit is regarding the airing of The New Hour with Arnab on Republic TV. Arnab is also the Managing Director of the Channel.


Counsel appeared on behalf of Time Now, has stated before the hon’ble court Times Now Channal are the owners of the intellectual property right as well as concept and design of the programme ‘THE NEWS HOUR’. The employment contract of Mr. Arnab Goswami with Times Now clearly stated that any work or invention whether manual or digital would be the intellectual property of Times Now.


Justice Manmohan of Delhi High Court with its order dated 18.05.2017, stated that it is well settled law that an employee has to maintain confidentiality and utmost fidelity towards his employer. Court further held that Mr. Goswami can be restrained from breaching the contract or misusing the trade secret or confidential information of Times Now and using or telecasting the same as it would amount to infringement of the rights of Time Now.


The hon’ble court held that Arnab Goswami misused, misappropriated and violated the plaintiff’s data and confidential information. The court further stated that appropriate relief must be granted to Times Now.

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