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Aligning brand protection to business

Posted By Admin on 09 June 2018

Alignment of the brand protection activities to business is a continuous challenge. Many organizations look at brand protection from legal & compliance perspective only. In most cases, the internal teams managing brand protection have totally different objectives; different perspective of business and many times delegation of decision making is also missing.

There are few aspects of brand protection which are related to protection against fraudulent practices at the registration of Intellectual property (also called as TM prosecution work), which still has some direct relevance to the legal / compliance work. But, here also exorbitant charges and unnecessary over complication of standard work has caused many brands to actually lose focus.

 The issues related to violations in the market place and online channels, needs to be addressed more strategic and business needs to own this up directly at the CXO levels,  with lead being taken by the sales & marketing  or finance. The measures of direct revenue losses, disruption of the channels & eco system and erosion of brand value far exceed the compliance & legal aspects.

One of the major hindrances in doing all this is lack of knowledge with the actual decision makers and their KRA’s not aligned to this.

The knowledge platform of  has been creating awareness and knowledge across the business owners and the online application “FitCounter” continues to provides the transparency & best practices in processes.

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