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4 Famous Movies You Won’t Believe Are Involved In Copyright Infringement

Posted By Admin on 08 Feb 2016

Copyright is promising than other forms of Intellectual property right. You know why?
Cos it can protect an artistic, literary and dramatic work for more than 50 years. Wow! Now that’s quite a score!
But for the Glamour world, it’s a step ahead as Infringement can amount from million dollars to a lifetime fine. So I will quickly name some of the Hollywood movies who have actually taken it to completely other level.
1. Our all time favorite, Hangover

A lot of bachelor and bachelorette parties are inspired from this one. What made this movie an infringer?
A tattoo, yes you heard it right.
Artist S. Victor Whitmill sued Warner Bros. for copying Mike Tyson’s tribal face tattoo. The Artist said, tribal tattoo was his special work made exclusively for Mike Tyson and therefore it cannot be copied without his consent.
I consider Warner Bros. lucky to get the matter settled out of the court; however, the amount paid by Warner’s is unknown.

2. Avatar

Now, why such a decent movie with simple and happy message will get sued?
Here’s what happened:
The album cover artist William Roger Dean sued James Cameron and Twentieth Century Fox for the design of planet Pandora. The artist claimed that he has already discussed this theme in his books Magnetic storm, Views and Dragon’s dream. The artist claimed damages up to $50 million, which made me think that I should also start writing my imaginary world.

3. Black Swan
Eric Glatt and Alexander Footman were working as interns in Black swan’s crew but even after that they didn’t get pay or college credit or financial compensation. Of course, that’s real rude which must have forced the interns to ask for damages & injunction on Fox Searchlight hiring interns in order to work without pay for any future film productions.

4. Batman
Not only in the reel world but also in the real world batman has got strong impact on law. Guess why am I saying this?
Batmobile (Tumbler) has recently been declared as a subject of copyright in a case between DC comics and Mark Towle. The Court ruled that the color, innate features and distinct look of the mobile contributes in the uniqueness of Batman’s character and therefore it can’t be copied without prior consent.

So, these were some famous flicks not spared from the infringement lawsuits.

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