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Ambition intellectual property right consultancy is organization dedicated to protect and help enforce intellectual property right in India. The company was established in the year 2010 by Mr. Sunil S. Kadlak who is the CEO.
Given the huge size of country combined with a wide spread network and more importantly, the advanced technology for duplicating kind of product, enforcement has been ineffective and the infringement of Intellectual Property Right is rampant.
Piracy of Intellectual Property and copyright in India is rampant and is largely due to this, most business houses and manufacturers find their profits declining. There is piracy of almost all popular brands of luxury goods, clothing, footware, cosmetic, motor parts, edibles, computer hardware, software, movies and games, to mention only few. Though offences are cognizable, the Police Force is unable to take Suo moto action in such a matter as it is already heavily burdened with law order and other policing functions.
Keeping this in mind, it has been the endeavor of AIPRC to enforce IPR and copyright legislation by bringing together private and government agencies and using its own expertise cube the menace duplication in India.
AIPRC is assisted by a team of professional’s field officers, raid action officers and investigators in various cities of India. Additional manpower is also arranged whenever required.
Through the untiring efforts of Mr. Sunil s. Kadlak, the company has arranged raids with police force all over India .

Mr.Sunil S. Kadlak
511, 5th floor 
M.K Nagar, Pipe Road KURLA (W), 
Contact Nos:- +91-9869034943

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