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March 6, 2017 6

Good investigations for effective anti-counterfeit actions

Posted by:admin onMarch 6, 2017

Everyone understands the importance of good investigation for any effective action against counterfeit products but looking at the current scenario prevalent in India, the fact is, this is one of the most neglected activities.

The organizations working as a service provider (law firms or private enforcement agencies) actually have very little or no interest in undertaking detailed investigations. There are two primary reasons for that— a) generally; the brand owners don’t want to pay separately for detailed investigations, in order to cut cost b) the service providers either lack capabilities or willingness to undertake detailed investigations because of commercial & conflicting interests.

Since, these investigations also take a lot of efforts, cost and time, the interests of both brand owners and service providers is very limited. In order to show immediate results, sometimes, long-term interests of brand owners are compromised.

Many brands today feel that even after undertaking a lot of actions and spending a lot of money, the effectiveness is not there at all. Added to this, is the measurement of effectiveness by seizure value which incidentally also includes the look-alike products.

The need therefore is not only to look at the anti-counterfeiting activities very differently, but also focus on high impact cases and invest money in very detailed (also paid) investigations, for actual business benefits.

The 3-tier brand protection model offered by comprehensively addresses all the issues with the brand protection. The network of professional investigators and a certified network of new generation investigators help brand owners to drive immense value out of the various brand protection & anti-counterfeit activities.




    Satyam Mishra

    That’s true, the need of investigation is momentous as the job done by an investigator will be efficiently helpful for the brand owners. Even if it cost some extra bucks but it worth every penny of that.


    any detail and evidence which makes it possible to track the supply chain, manufacturing setups and also force the enforcement agencies to take action and also stand the scrutiny of the court of law is a good investigation


    I would like to know what constitutes ‘effective’ investigation? What are the steps and points that are needed to be kept in mind?

    Shreya Shukla

    Investigation is truly one of the most important and yet, presently most ignorantly done task which needs a crucial and vigilant look-into to benefit customers, professionals and to safeguard the brand owners as well.

    Piyush Tiwari

    A very crafty diagnosis of the need of anti- counterfeit measures with carefulness in pointing out the flaws in dealing with counterfeit and also to help good investigations in dealing with the issue.

    Ananya Sharma

    The need for good investigation to counter Counterfeit is of paramount importance. Effective measures should considered to coup d’ éta this issue.

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