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Who Does The Profiteering From Counterfeiting

Posted By Admin on 27 Feb 2016

While it is a well-known fact that violators (manufacturers and sellers) do the counterfeiting to earn huge profits, but a careful analysis of what goes on in the marketplace, also has some more dimensions.

One of the reasons for the growth of this trade (rather than coming down) is that, there are multiple actors which make money because this trade continues. These actors include the enforcement agencies, revenue departments of the governments, organizations involved in enforcements & litigations and not so much talked about, the internal teams of the brand owners.

On one hand, the process involved in enforcement actions & subsequent litigation is long, painful and tiring, on the other hand, there is a continued greed among the various actors, which tries to keep the “candle burning”. There have been specific cases, where due to compromises made by various actors involved in the relief process (including the internal teams of brand owners), the actual violators are emboldened and actually grow in size & numbers.

One of the major reasons for this is lack of transparency in operations and lack of centralized database of the violators for a particular brand or for that matter across an industry segment or product category. The brand protection measures are generally not considered strategic in an organization and have been largely straight jacketed as hardcore enforcement actions alone, which many times are also perused as very short term measures.

While most of the organizational internal and external processes have been automated and best practices implemented – like ERP, CRM, supply chain, web commerce etc etc but for this area of brand protection, there is no internal or external automation.

It is a well known fact that, more are the issues in a articular area ( internal or external),  the more is the need for the automation for better transparency, control and future planning/ analysis. is one such initiative which has built automation of the processes supported by internet/ mobile technology and has built best practices in the area of brand protection. In addition to the logical interventions & controls, the platform has also enabled creation of a new & extended ecosystem for a comprehensive fight against counterfeits.


    priyal jain

    brands and fakes is one such initiative which wishes to fight for the consumer rights & rights of the complying brands and have created a eco-system to address these issues. brands and fakes protect brand owners and their logos from damage caused by duplicate brands.

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