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Using augmented reality in brand protection

Posted By Admin on 02 Sep 2017

As a part of the digital transformation, in the past few quarters, we have seen that augmented reality is being used by many brand owners in a very big way to promote brands, enhance customer experience, training the service professionals etc.

One of the very distinctive advantage, which is yet to be exploited by brand owners is, to use this technology for brand protection. There is a need to educate the consumers and brand protection service providers on the various features, unique identifiers and the virtual feel of the genuine product. The online content & creative using augmented reality can be very innovatively used to engage the trade channels, consumers and service providers. This when clubbed with other online reporting platforms, does convey to the complete eco-system that as a brand, “We Care” for you.   

Even the packaging can be designed in such a way that the consumers or the trade partner can use the mobile interface (working on the augmented reality) to do basic validations and also get enhanced virtual experience of the genuine product.

This high quality digital content, when used for brand protection does give an added advantage to the brand owners and make their efforts for brand protection more effective. The better trained (& engaged) our trade partners, service providers & consumers are, the more effective the anti-counterfeit activities will be.

Online platforms & forums like which engage millions of people using mobile interface, are best poised to use augmented reality and with support from brand owners, they can deliver back the best possible output in anti-counterfeit measures. 


    shubham jain

    they provided good platform for counterfeit

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