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Unfair competition of tax evasion

Posted By Admin on 12 Dec 2017

Even after implementation of GST in India, tax evasions continue to exist and offer an unfair situation for complying brands. Tax evasions are rampant in tobacco & related products primarily because of very high tax slabs. The problem is even more severe in case of contraband imports of cigarettes, electronic items and food products. If we critically look at issues related to evasion of taxes, one of key factor is that the enforcement organizations have very little interest in taking proactive actions for various reasons, including the personal interests. This get further complicated as many times, either there are no complainants and or the police does not act, even when, someone approaches the police, which is generally most approachable to a common man ( rather than tax, customs or other authorities). The police always have a tendency to push these matters as commercial disputes ( civil matters) or a consumer protection matter.

Brand owners need to take these issues head-on and not solely depend on the enforcement agencies to act of their own. The need is to involve industry associations, consumer protection non-governmental organizations and use various provisions under different statues to fight the unfair competition faced.

The need is to mix and match various provisions under criminal law, civil law, consumer protection act, IPC, GST act, customs act, legal metrology act, COTPA, FSSI, health and other acts/ rules under DIPP.

The platform helps brand owners to fight this unfair trade practice and helps to take criminal, civil, consumer protection & other remedies through the network of professionals. The social services organizations fighting for the consumer cause also help to directly confront such violators and make them comply.


    shubham jain

    Income tax evasion is an crime and can attract severe penalties in India. With advancement in technology, the compliance with respect to income tax payment is being tracked more accurately by the Income Tax Department. Further, penalties for non-compliance has also been increased to widen the tax base and increase tax revenue. Hence, income tax compliance must be taken seriously by all individuals and entrepreneurs.

    priyal jain

    there are many counterfeits not only in cigarette brand but also in other brands and to be safe from these counterfeits brands and fakes is the best plartform to fight this unfair trade practise .

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