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Tug-Of-War Between India And US For PFC

Posted By Admin on 19 June 2015

India continues its fight with US on being eyed for a ‘PFC ‘status. Under the US Trade Policies ‘PFC’ or Priority Foreign Country is a classification being given to a country over providing trade barriers to U.S. companies and products due to the intellectual property right laws.
Indian officials said the Indian IPR laws are fully compliant with the WTO and it is keen to take on US in the World Trade Organization in terms of the continued pressure over its Intellectual Property regime (IPR). PFC status could further affect the trade transactions between both the countries.

US Government has strongly criticised Indian IPR laws in Pharmaceutical as well as Solar sectors. This situation mounted as Indian pharma companies were granted Compulsory Licences American Pharma companies had raised objection to India’s move on issue of compulsory license (CL) to Natco Pharma to manufacture and sell cancer-treatment drug ‘Nexavar’ at a price which was 30 times lesser than charged by patent holder Bayer Corporation.
Similarly Switzerland based Novartis AG had lost a legal battle for getting its blood cancer drug ‘Gleevec’ patented in India and to restrain Indian companies from manufacturing generic drugs.

Indian officials say that patents have been granted to more than 1500 pharmaceutical compounds or composition between 1995 and 2012. India has accused lobbyists for IPR issues in the US such as Global Intellectual Property Centre (GIPC) of taking up patents only with regard to the pharmaceutical industry. It’s stated that the Indian music industry has a list of 476 websites in the US that pirate Indian musical content, and this was shared with the US formally some months ago.

Similar is the case with TV programming from India which is being pirated by websites in the US. These websites provide live content streaming which includes a large number of major Indian TV channels.

Bilateral trade relations between both the nation seems to get affected by these issues.

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