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Trending New Age Tool For Protection Of Intellectual Property Rights

Posted By Admin on 25 Nov 2016

A customer is so much connected to their brands. The brand is important in everybody’s life because their choice of brands represent them. When someone buys a particular brand he creates his image in front of others and also there is a trust relationship between two of them that is the brand and the customer. This takes a form of goodwill which in turns help in brand recognition.

The brand is generally and easily related to their mark because that is what a customer sees and with the help of the mark differentiates that particular product or service from others present in the market. These marks are known as trademarks. Trademark are marks which are capable of being graphically represented and help in distinguishing products or services of one producer from another.

This is one of the major forms of intellectual property rights which influences the mass but common people are not aware of such rights due to which they face huge amount of intellectual property right violations and have no knowledge as in how to protect the same when violated. court are there to protect but people generally do not want to take such long and tedious process and thus they have taken a shift toward on-line portals and platforms which is not only easy but also inexpensive in nature.

Brand is not only important to customers but also the brand owner as his whole reputation is on stake. It becomes a problem for them to keep a continuous close check on violations happening so they require adequate protection. Now a days even these brand owners look forward to different easy means to protect their brand reputation in every case which is provided by these on-line portals as they provide such brand protection services that proves to be effective as well as easily accessible.

These platforms are the new age tools to handle intellectual property rights like all kinds of complaints against fake products, provide corporate investigations in India which is very rare etc. The tough part is can anyone trust all the on-line portals available? Its is highly risky to blindly follow any random portal as it can not only consume time and money, it might also create problems further which can prove to be harmful for the innocent parties. One platform which can be trusted and counted on is Brands and Fakes which provides with all kinds of services for both the customers and brand owners.

As these platforms have been a welcome change in the field of protection of intellectual property rights. This should be propagated and an awareness for the same should be created in order to keep it on going and making it much more popular. In the end it is we who has to come up and fight for our right be it a consumer or a brand owner.


    shubham jain

    Many organizations fail to understand the need to protect their intellectual property assets and the value offered by them at the time of mergers and acquisitions. Thus, not taking an appropriate action can pose a threat to the success of the organization in the future. Intellectual property plays a vital role in protecting and monetizing innovation.

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