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Training & Capacity Building – An Important Brand Protection Tool

Posted By Admin on 07 Dec 2016

Legal Driven brand protection has 4 important stages – information gather, information investigation, enforcement & other actions and litigation process.

While there is enough competence and organizations, which carry out the actions and subsequent litigation processes. The key for any effective brand protection activity is the brands ability to gather the information on the violation and investigate ( generate proper evidences) the information correctly.

There are number of actors engaged in these activities. For information gather internal sales & service teams, authorised trade channels, professional investigators and also consumers play a vital role.  For information investigation it is generally done by professional investigators & private detectives.

There is a critical gap in the training and knowledge of these actors on data for specific brands. These guys lack proper information and training on the critical differentiators, the supply chain issues, data on specific issues in particular market, the competitive & other commercial/ non-commercial factors etc.

Therefore it is very important to train the network for effectiveness of any brand protection activity. Today, technology and various KM tools allow the digital channels to be used for imparting training and continuous capacity building. is one such initiative & an online platform, which allows trainings to various actors at 3 level – Generic , Secure and specific. Depending upon the role, the information & training material is shared on  “open for all”, “within specific groups” and “for specific people”.


    shubham jain is one such initiative which have full capacity to enforcement of the IPR laws by doing investigation with the help of there associates and prevent the counterfeit

    priyal jain

    For all our training programmes, the following principles help us to achieve a sustainable learning effect:
    Training is expected to change behavior
    Training is a process, not an isolated event
    Training must be part of a strategy of human capital formation and human resource development
    Training demands conviction, concrete support and demonstrative collaboration of the leading personnel
    Training must inspire and motivate.

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