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Posted By Sarthak on 10 April 2018

Levi’s has sued a french fashion company ‘Kenzo’ for copying its red pocket tabs. Levi’s uses red pocket tabs on its jeans and denim jackets. Kenzo has in its latest collection used the same coloured tabs. A lawsuit for trademark infringement was filed on 6th April 2018, seeking permanent injunction against Kenzo for using red pocket tabs.


Levi’s first introduced the “tab device” in 1930s in an attempt to distinguish its product from others in the market. It has been alleged by the representatives of Levi’s that in the latest Advertisement released by Kenzo, starring Britney Spears shows the use of ‘Red Pocket Tab’ which is a violation of Trademark Laws.


Levi’s with this suit aims to seek compensation for the lost profits and damages and seeking injunction on the sale of all products having the ‘Red Pocket Tabs’. 

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