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Right Brand Protection Budget

Posted By Admin on 31 July 2017

Organizations across the world have been fighting the menace of counterfeits and its impact on the revenue and brand value in a particular market for years now. The issues related to availability of counterfeits or violations to intellectual property actually continue to rise in many markets like India. Many of the reasons for this continued increase in violations is attributable to external factors like role of enforcement agencies, laws of the land etc. But, it is also seen that many times, the measures adopted by the brand owners & the voracity by which, the brand protection activities are pursued in the market lack proper budgets, commitments, persuasion and monitoring.
The need is to look at brand protection from the same prism as that of brand promotion and the business owners directly need to manage and monitor the same. It needs to be understood that, the results delivered by the brand protection measures are the same as that of brand promotion. Brand protection needs to be considered as a complementary activity to the brand promotion and receive similar focus & monitoring.
One of the major factors which brand owners need to do is to allocate the right budget for this activity and measure the impact of these activities in tandem with the impact of the promotions. The marketing & communication plans (& also the budgets) of the organizations need to factor-in the activities for brand protection and actually run it in-sink with them. Many of these activities are run for the trade channels (& other eco-system players) and the impacts of these are seen straight into the revenue & efficient management of network. offers services for 360 degree protection of the brands and helps organizations to plan, execute and monitor them effectively. These services cut across the 3-tiers of brand protection – The Battle (enforcement actions), Swift actions and Campaigns & Engagements.


    priyal jain

    the best company i found till now to fight against duplicates and counterfeits. it works on all over basis to protect one brand from counterfeiting and help the organisation to plan, execute and monitor them effectively. brands and fakes will deal with the IP laws and many more to save brand from fraud.

    shubham jain

    Protection and anti-counterfeiting initiatives focus on increasing enforcement activities like
    investigations, seizures and litigations to create a return on investment (brands & fakes). Companies can also
    leverage brand protection and anti-counterfeiting tools in supply chain initiatives, operational
    processes and marketing campaigns to drive the highest ROI (return on investment).

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