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Reporting the Fakes – Making a Social Impact

Posted by:admin onJune 19, 2014

Our world is these days filled with fake products, be it in person or via digital platforms. The role of e-commerce platforms is increasing its role as a culprit for these issues, each passing day. Duplicates can be of anything, including the DVD of a movie or a name of a restaurant. These are sometimes fashionably patterned and occasionally designed in an unruly manner to match the name of something well known.
We all know that design, logo, trademark etc is referred to as intellectual property. These intellectual properties are governed by IP Laws and issues related to them fall under IPR. These also consist of new venture resolutions. Everyone who works or is about to work towards, analysing and producing any form of product, needs to have a way in to IPR related laws in order to shun divergence of awareness with some other brand/product, not just then but in future as well.

Fake products are an out and out loss for not just the brand but the consumer as well. The damage caused by duplicate products directly affects not only the brand but at many instances they are a big cause of trouble for the one buying or using them as well. The cheaper versions of products are now becoming a menace for the economy on the whole. Conveniently there are integrated businesses these days effective in the direction of the protection of brands in cases of IPR infringement. Brands and Fakes is one such podium offering Brand Protection services globally.

Complaint on fake products is become prevalent even more now due to the awareness and education of the general people. IPR is drawing the interest of more people with each coming day. Fighting this peril is also linked to the training of people on IPR, of which, Brands and Fakes has also taken the onus, we coordinate training for brand owners, consumers, volunteers etc on intellectual property rights.

Counterfeit is a pest that is capable of ruining the economy at a global level. There need to be strict and quick actions against such nuisance. Infact, with identifiers being awarded the prospects of IPR becoming an important issue are increasing each day. This does not at all seem a one day battle; neither can one person or a group of persons fight it. We need to all join hands and make sure that this epidemic is eradicated completely from the society.



    Not too long ago I have come across one article which I think you could find interesting. Someone will take a steaming dump all over it, but it clarified some of my questions.


    I like all your posts. You’ve done fantastic job

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