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Problem faced by Original equipment manufacturers

Posted By HIMANI on 14 Nov 2019

Problem faced by Original equipment manufacturers OEMs in the automotive industry is huge and growing. Global parts industry is incurring billions of dollars annually losses because of fake auto parts. The impact is much beyond money.  Reputations of brand is being damaged rigorously, while the safety of drivers and their passengers is put at risk. At Brandsandfakes, we have extensive experience protecting in the automotive industry.

Counterfeiting car parts is not a victimless crime - far from it. A test run by Mercedes Benz comparing real and fake brake pads revealed that cars with inferior pads took significantly longer to come to a halt. BMW also conducted a test in 2017 in which counterfeit brake pads started to disintegrate early during standard testing. For OEMs in the automotive industry, brand protection is so much more than protecting reputations and revenues, it's about protecting lives.

For consumers, counterfeits are not merely irritating when they don’t work as advertised, they can also cause accidents, sometimes, even a life-threatening injury.

Consumers may find it difficult to distinguish a fake from a legitimate automotive part by simply looking at the outer appearance. Consequently, consumers inadvertently purchase products that could be sub-standard and unsafe. There is always a risk of underperformance when a counterfeit product is used, as counterfeit goods differ dramatically in quality. These counterfeit parts have not been manufactured to meet regulatory standards, but they are designed to interact with other parts within the vehicle and are subject to significant and challenging conditions such as speed, temperature and varying road surfaces. Repercussions in these environments can be grave, resulting in serious accidents and loss of life.

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