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Police actions for Domain Conflicts?

Posted By Admin on 15 May 2019

Domain conflicts are generally handled by a process of filing a complaint with UDRP/INDRP and getting a resolution done. This generally takes few months for the conflicts to be resolved and domains to be cancelled/ transferred but by then these websites can significantly cause financial and good will losses to the organizations.


If The domain conflicts can also be coupled with the infringement of registered Trademarks and Copyrights of the organizations and also if the customers are being duped by offering similar services/ products, it is also recommended that a parallel police complaint is filed with the cyber cell or the Economic Offences Wing.  Many a times, the ownership of such websites are also not available in public domain and it is really hard to get some data on the registered owners, which might actually not be in the country. In such scenarios, the police or the enforcement agencies have better control to get the data from the operators, the contact numbers published on the websites etc and initiate actions. Help from courts can also be taken in such cases wherever required and depending on the violation, courts can also intervene to push the enforcement not only to get the information but also take penal actions.


Once the information of the actual operators and the violation is established beyond any doubt, civil suit can also be filed against the violations to get orders against them to stop and also give compensation for the losses suffered by the organization.


The investigative capabilities, legal capabilities, domain knowledge, close working relationships with the agencies, of the eco-system associated with, ensure that such issues are permanently & quickly addressed.

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