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Viklong Kalayan Seva Santhan

Viklang Kalyan Seva Sansthan, Siddharthnagar, Uttar Pradesh, India proud to introduce our organization through this blog. These days it is very difficult job for an ordinary person to get a good job, and then one could easily realize, how difficult it would be for disabled people to get a good job. The Viklang Kalyan Seva Sansthan has taken an initiative in this regard by creating facilities for the training of the disabled people in various professions and trades. The Viklang Kalyan Seva Sansthan shall conduct VOCATIONAL TRAINING CENTERS for the disabled. Viklang Kalyan Seva Sansthan is a NGO willing to setup rehabilitation services to handicapped and disabled. The Viklang Kalyan Seva Sansthan desirous to installed different type of equipments and vocational training which is helpful for handicapped and disabled with financial assistance by funding agencies. The mission of Viklang Kalyan Seva Sansthan is to increase the quality of life and level of independence of individuals with disabilities through vocational training and other support. The training programme makes the disabled self sufficient after getting training in the field of their choice, as the training programme helps to start their own business or get jobs elsewhere. For the disabled people residing in the villages, the Viklang Kalyan Seva Sansthan willing to provide various facilities for their training in job/career oriented courses in computer education, mobile repairing, computer designing, screen printing, publication work.

Contact Information

Mr. Mahesh Kumar Paswan
(Managing Director)
Address – Viklang Kalyan Seva Sansthan,
Uttar Pradesh
Pincode – 272204
Email –
Website –
Contact No – +91-9918116017

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