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Online IP Information Dissemination A key element To IP Protections

Posted By Admin on 31 July 2017

The IP enforcement actions across regions have multiple actors and multiple channels, making the complete service delivery chain a complex and opaque process for the brand owners. There are actors like informers, investigators, enforcement agents, government enforcement agencies, lawyers etc, which together work on a particular infringement case, to take it to a logical conclusion.
Brand owners also continue to work on very innovative technological solutions, particularly in their packaging, to stay ahead and create barriers for the violators. But, the way the technology is evolving, the world is getting better connected, logistics becoming more mechanized and online information collaboration, violators are very quickly able to copy the innovations and bring a counterfeit in the market in no time.
One of the major area which brand owners have been lacking either due to misplaced perceptions or lack of mechanisms to implement, is to train and share the IP information & differentiation in their products offerings/ packaging etc to the service delivery actors. This is seriously affecting the quality and the value delivery of the infringement information back to brand owners, resulting into incomplete information, demotivation to the service providers and waste of time & money of all concerned.
There is a need for the brand owners to share these information online using internet, mobile & digital channels ( generic, specific and also classified), with the service delivery entities by implementing a mix of open & controlled business rules. If implemented through generic platforms like, it gives an added advantage to use a well-established channel and technology platform to gain effectivity in very little time.
The online IP information dissemination tool at gives the necessary flexibility to the brand owners to implement an IP sharing mechanism, as per the business needs of the organization and allows them to online modify, extend and manage the IP information flow


    priyal jain

    brands and fakes is an organisation which gives an IP information to the brand owners those who are lacking their information either due to misplaced perceptions or lack of mechanisms to implement.

    shubham jain

    Internet users and service providers that infringe others rights by way of the Internet must bear tort liability.
    Where an internet user takes advantage of online services to carry out infringing activities, the victim has the right to require the service provider to remove, block or disable access to infringing material upon notification. If the service provider fails to take measures of such notification, it shall be liable jointly and severally with the user for any extended damage.

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