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On-Line Portals: Exploring New Options For Intellectual Property Solution

Posted By Admin on 29 June 2016

Intellectual property is a less developed concept in India. If we question about this subject to common people, the answers would not be correct and even if correct would not be in deep understanding. It is because that they do not have enough understanding about the basic concept of the subject. Intellectual property rights are like any other rights to us and we should have ample knowledge of the same so that no one can violate it, even if violated we should know how to react in such situations and can get proper remedies for that.

Intellectual property has grown a lot in every terms and is trying to manage go along with current flow and can provide relief quickly and easily. The thought of people that these matter will always be time taking and troublesome has to go with time and it can actually go when people get to know other options which can only through awareness.

A question that can arise in our mind that what is the importance of Intellectual property that one should be made aware about it? A fundamental thing which we fail to figure out is that it is one of our rights and if one thinks that common people are not effected by it is very wrong thinking as we come across intellectual property right in our day to day life. It is possible that we not find importance of all forms of intellectual property on daily basis like copyright, patents, biodiversity, trade secrets etc. but there is one form which we come across on everyday basis which is trademarks as we deal with products and services that contains trademark and use them because we trust them. There are many similar products available in the market but we all have personal choices. We have personal choices because we have trust on a particular brand and not on others.

It is very disappointing when one is deceived in these situations, where one finds that they have the fake product for which they paid full price thinking that it is the product which they adore. On top of this they even find difficult and troublesome to file a complaint. This happens because they think that old methods of filing complaints which take so much time to process. They are unaware of the new options which provides with intellectual property rights compliance services.

By new options I mean on-line portals which turn all these issues in such trivial matter which do not seem as a headache any more. These are so easy to access and time saving that our issues seems to resolve in blink of an eye. They provide all sorts of intellectual property rights solutions which can take us out from messy situations. One of such reliable on-line platform is Brands and Fakes which can be one stop for all our intellectual property rights problems.

It is very important to create awareness among people so that people can stand up for their rights and for all other messed up situations there are magical on-line portals for help.


    priyal jain has created a huge network and built best practices, which utilize technology, collaboration, social media and other tools to carryout undercover operations as well as plant such agents in the groups created by violators.

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