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Consumers are generally put at a huge risk by products which don’t fully comply to laid down standards and other statutory requirements. There have been many cases of adulteration of food items, presence of the unwanted substances, wrong claims on the product packaging, wrong claims of product effectiveness and even total violation of safety & other manufacturing standards.

This is not restricted to small time manufacturers; such practices have been observed in very large global multinational brands. In the recent months there have been cases of lead (chemical) being found in products of one of the world’s largest food products company and cancer causing substance found in the personal care products of another largest global player in baby & personal care products.

While laws in the US & developed countries, have awarded billions of $ as compensation and heavy penalties on such manufacturers but in India the laws are still evolving.

The new consumer protection act (which is yet to be notified as a law) does offer penal provisions on such manufacturers but the actual impact of the same will only be seen with time. Provisions under BIS, legal metrology, consumer protection act and few other acts are very mild and hopefully, the new consumer protection act should act as a deterrent for such practices and protect the consumers in true sense.

The platforms like  and the eco system of social groups associated with it, have been working on many such causes and have been taking up such consumer issues till logical conclusion.

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