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R C Plasto Tanks and Pipes takes Brands & Fakes as their Brand Protection Services Partner

Leading water tanks and pipe manufacturer has taken Brand & Fakes as their partner for brand protection. Plasto has been facing issues related to IP infringements of their brand across India and in order to strengthen their market share, brand perception and comprehensive protection of their IP, Plasto has decided to  take end to end services from Brands & Fakes covering IP registration services & IP protection services, IP infringement actions & management and   unfair competition management. As per Mr Ravi Gautam Head Operations at Brands & Fakes, the contract with Plasto is in continuation of the strengths Brnads & Fakes has in the managing counterfeits in plastic industry and taking actions on counterfeits in building material industry.

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Brands and Fakes has aligned the capabilities of the service delivery eco system with the industry verticals, so that the Brands under various industry verticals and sub verticals are able to get services from expertise in their specific domains.