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M&B Footwear ties with Brands & Fakes for LeeCooper Shoes

M&B footwear have taken brands & fakes are their partner for brand protection in India for LeeCooper shoes. M&B footwear has been facing serious issues on the counterfeit LeeCooper shoes in India. M&B footwear will also be using IP information dissemination platform of Brands & Fakes to educate the network and spreader awareness on how to differentiate between the original and counterfeit LeeCooper shoes. As per Mr Ravi Gautam – Head of operations at Brands & Fakes, the intellectual property protection platform and ecosystem of IP professionals is expected to deliver best output for M&B Footwear India.

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Brands and Fakes has aligned the capabilities of the service delivery eco system with the industry verticals, so that the Brands under various industry verticals and sub verticals are able to get services from expertise in their specific domains.