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Monte Carlo sues Skoda for Trademark infringement

Posted By Sarthak on 19 Oct 2017

Skoda this year for Diwali was planning to introduce a new edition for its Rapid Sedan, naming it the Skoda Rapid Monte Carlo. It was to be priced at Rs. 10.75 Lakhs approx. and was to be introduced in sporty colour scheme, with matte black alloy wheels, it would have surely been an eye catchy update for the Skoda Rapid.


India is house to a fashion brand named Monte Carlo, who are majorly based in Punjab. They filed a Trademark infringement case against Skoda for using there well known registered mark ‘Monte Carlo’.


Court took note of the arguments from both the side and decided to ban Skoda from selling and manufacturing the Rapid Monte Carlo in India. As a result of which Skoda India has removed the listing of Rapid Monte Carlo edition from Indian stores, and are planning to introduce it with a new name.

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