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Posted By Sarthak on 05 Feb 2018


Trademarks protect the goodwill and reputation associated with your company or video game as a brand. A trademark – any name or symbol indicative of a source of origin of a product or service – is arguably your most valuable business asset, and is perhaps also the most recognizable form of intellectual property.


Registered trademarks offer advantages over non-registered trademarks, and allow you to use the ® symbol. Once a trademark is registered, no other entity can use any name or mark that is identical to or is likely to cause confusion with your registered trademark anywhere in the world.



Copyrights are the second form of intellectual property, and protect the expression of an idea (but not the idea itself). Take Pac-Man, for example. Copyright protection protects the actual artwork and sounds in the game as an audiovisual work, and the underlying source code as a literary work. No one can copy the actual images and sounds used during the game.


However, copyright does not protect the idea of a player controlled character eating dots in a maze-like game board while being chased by differently coloured evil characters such as the caterpillar game. 



Patents – the third and most diverse form of intellectual property– protect inventions from being copied. An invention is any new and useful process (e.g., game play methods, graphics techniques, user interface communications), machine (e.g., a computer programmed with computer software), article of manufacture (e.g., a disk or storage media on which software is distributed), or composition of matter, and also includes new ornamental designs (e.g., icons, user interface artwork, characters, etc.).


All the games are protected under the Intellectual Property Right Law. To claim protection it needs to register itself with the authority that governs it. The Patent law provided the strongest kind of protection, but getting a patent for the invention is the hardest to get and is the costliest form of Intellectual Property protection. The Copyright and Trademark protection on the other hand are pretty easy to obtain at economical cost, the level of protection is not as strong as that provided under Patent Laws.

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