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LG Played Second Fiddle to Samsung with 4,652 Patent

Posted By Admin on 04 March 2016

LG Electronics may not be able to fetch the largest share of consumer electronics in its own company, Seoul, South Korea, however the company is patenting at juggernaut speed. Moreover, LG is a high-repute owner of 5th most U.S. patents granted in 2013. It is among only five firms to gather 3,000 patents awarded in the same year.

Well behind Samsung that was in 2nd place last year with 4,672 patents, LG has established as a major seller of smart phones on a global scale. Also, it has been possible for the company to capture the North American Smartphone market till date, by selling about 16.8 million smart phones.

Furthermore, the Companies We Follow series is interested in companies filing for LG as it is an active contributor in the registration of generous amounts of patents all over the globe. The recent patent acquired by the company is an assortment of technologies in the field of technological improvement to robotic floor cleaners.

The company has maintained a comprehensive list of its patent portfolio over its website so that anyone can get acquainted with LG products is using which patented technology and intellectual property right solutions. It is essential for every company to maintain solutions for IPR compliances such that they do not suffer damage caused by duplicate brands.


    priyal jain

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