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LAMS - A New Mantra For Brand Protection

Posted By Admin on 12 Sep 2016

Enforcement actions executed by various brands across the country have been typically lacking in the control points and transparency in the whole process. Brand owners largely find it very difficult to:

a) manage & control the process with proper timely interventions
b) get a view of the whole process on a real-time basis.

Added to this issue, are the challenges which are caused by the compromised law enforcement agencies that often help the culprits rather than protecting the interest of the brand owners & the consumers.

The need today is to replicate the success of IT-enabled automation processes, which on one hand have helped the corporates in managing their internal processes & business collaboration and on the other hand, made the government processes more transparent and accountable for citizens.

A world-class LAMS (Lead and Action Management System) incorporating the best practices for IP enforcement actions, managing the lifecycle of an identification of a violation, and successful enforcement action brings the process automation, transparency, controls and collaboration on a real-time online basis.

The LAMS for IP enforcement life cycle management brings all the stakeholders (brands, information network, investigation network, enforcement agencies, law-firms & consumers) on a single online platform for enhanced visibility, accountability and controls in the whole process.

While the first version of the LAMS has already been tested and used by many brand owners successfully, a next version of LAMS is already being planned which need to involve the government enforcement organizations and other stakeholders. Like most of the IT-enabled projects, an innovative use of social media channels, mobile applications and analytical tools along with a world-class LAMS would help the stakeholders to effectively manage the violations in the offline and online channels.

We are a global online IP protection platform, which is working in bringing the benefits of technology and a world-class LAMS for the benefit of all the stakeholders.


    priyal jain

    Lead and Action Management System (LAMS) is a contribution by Brands and Fakes to assist brands to fight counterfeits in an effective manner. From the identification of a violation to the successful enforcement action, LAMS brings process automation, transparency, controls and collaboration on a real-time online basis.

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