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IP compliances A social obligation or a global commitment

Posted By Admin on 25 June 2019

Off late, India has been on an eye of the storm, because of issues related to intellectual property obligations. Western countries like the USA, have been putting a lot of pressure on India for compliances to IP rights, especially in areas like Pharma, consumer electronics, Biotechnology, etc. Compliances to the patent rights and industrial designs have been the forefront of the western lobby.

While India is committed to the global treaties but, a developing country like India has also been a victim of bias. There have been rampant human trials on the underprivileged Indian people, which act as a major milestone in commercializing some of these innovations. When these products are launched in India, they are being sold at a crazy price, which are many times equivalent to the cost in the western markets ignoring every fact that per capita income of an average Indian is just a fraction of an average American.

Therefore, these global corporations need to consider local factors into account, for deciding the product costs, which in turn will reduce the chances of violations taking place in the very first place. There is a need to keep the social obligations in mind before deciding on the costs especially the life-saving drugs.

Enforcing IP compliances have been a continuous process at and so is the social obligations towards the Indian public. There are many social groups associated with the network of Brands & Fakes, which help to take the issue of Indian consumers. And at the same time protect the rights of IP owners. Needless to say that it is always a tight walk.

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