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Internal Moles And Counterfeiting

Posted By Akash on 10 Sep 2018

There is a significant role which many internal factors play in counterfeiting of goods for any organization. There are contract manufacturers & suppliers, which have been found to be indulging in counterfeiting, many times in connivance with internal people of the organization. There have been many cases, where customer data have been fraudulently shared with external entities which impersonate as organization employees and sell products & services which are not genuine.

These issues have been rampant in many industry segments resulting in large scale revenue losses and customer dissatisfaction. These issues needs very in-depth forensic research to identify the moles within the organization and then taking actions which are not only administrative but also under various provisions of the law like cheating, breach of trust & confidentiality and also registering criminal FIR’s against the moles.

The various provisions of law also need to be enforced against the external entities, which take undue advantage and violate the brand. platform aggregates domain experts and service providers to carry out detailed forensic analysis for violations and bringing out internal moles within the organization. The legal & enforcement professionals associated with the platform undertake very strict actions against these violators and internal moles to curb such practices.

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